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European Le Mans Series

Team spirit together with long distance performance, as embodied by the 24 Heures du Mans , is the credo of the European Le Mans Series. The duty of the ELMS is to offer its competitors a full season to race their cars on some of the best tracks in Europe, while keeping tight control of the costs associated with running in a top European wide series. LMP2 is the top-tier series, with LMP3 and LMGTE as support classes. The series offers a place on the grid of the following 24 Heures du Mans as a prize, which gives an extra, important dimension to the title race across the three categories.

The ELMS provides the same exciting challenges of the World Endurance Championship on an European scale, with shorter races but just as hotly-contested, if not more. As a part of its new sportscar endeavour, PREMA decided to sign for the 2022 season. 

As happens for the WEC, the line-up of each team must include differently-rated drivers, with the less experienced or titled ones that are required to drive for a minimum amount of time. 


Weekend Format

Practice 1: 90 minutes
Practice 2: 90 minutes
Qualifying: 10 minutes
Race: 4 hours


Race Calendar

LMP2 Car - Oreca 07