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Prema Karting

In an effort to continue providing young and talented drivers with the opportunity of becoming top motorsport professionals, in 2023 PREMA Racing launched its brand-new karting team, partnering with Kart Republic with the goal of creating the tools, connections, and opportunities to bridge the gap between karting and car racing.
Founded by a legend of the sport, Dino Chiesa, Kart Republic established itself as a true masterclass operation.

As a mechanic, team manager, and chassis manufacturer, Chiesa achieved unbelievable success, working with some of the brightest stars of motorsports and Formula One. By working with him, PREMA is aiming to create a unique world-level powerhouse.

The first class of the PREMA Racing karting team featured five outstanding talents, all linked to Formula 1 manufacturers with a programme including the WSK Championships, the FIA Karting World and European Championships, and the Champions of the Future series.