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PREMA forms simulator technology partnership with Dynisma

Delivery of brand-new Dynisma Motion Generator simulator system expected in early 2024

PREMA forms simulator technology partnership with Dynisma

PREMA Racing is delighted to announce its partnership with outstanding British company Dynisma to adopt a brand-new Dynisma Motion Generator simulator system to boost its multi-faceted racing efforts.
Bringing a revolutionary approach to simulators, Dynisma Motion Generators™ (DMGs) set new standards in terms of lowest latency and highest bandwidth and have been bred in topflight motorsport, including F1. Developed and built by a team of world-class engineers committed to pioneering solutions in motion generation, Dynisma supplies leading motorsport teams, as well as automotive OEMs, around the world.
PREMA Racing will leverage its bespoke DMG-1 simulator as an engineering tool for vehicle development as well as driver preparation, while optimising setup for each of the tracks across all series in which it competes. It will also be used to accelerate race car development for the 2024 season.
Delivery of Dynisma’s DMG-1 simulator to PREMA Racing is expected to take place in Q1 2024. Available as turn-key solutions, or customised to exact requirements, Dynisma offers customers the possibility to integrate any type of chassis, in current production or prototype, for both motorsport and automotive applications.

Rene Rosin - Team Principal, PREMA
“Simulation technology is a key aspect of motorsports operations on multiple levels. Our foundation is about training young generations of drivers to help them develop their skills and become true professionals. But simulation has also become pivotal in terms of race car development, both from a set-up standpoint and for a wide range of all-around projects. By partnering Dynisma, we want to make a step forward in all areas, and we identified the DMG-1 simulator as the ideal choice to accomplish our goals.”

Ashley Warne - CEO, Dynisma
“Dynisma’s mission has always been to create the world’s most immersive simulators, with the highest bandwidth and lowest latency possible. I am delighted we have agreed this relationship with PREMA Racing and am looking forward to seeing how they will leverage our world-leading technologies in the coming racing seasons.”