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R08 Silverstone - FIA Formula 2 Race 2 Report

PREMA scores seventh place in Silverstone Race 2

R08 Silverstone - FIA Formula 2 Race 2 Report

Ollie Bearman scored seventh place in today's FIA Formula 2 Feature Race at Silverstone. The British racer made a brilliant getaway at the start, quickly moving to second place. 

Starting with Option tyres, he made his way back to the pits early for Primes, but could not find the ideal pace on the harder compound, fighting within the points zone and eventually making it to the finish in P7.

For Kimi Antonelli, the race came to an end much sooner. Coming from his first win of the season in Race 1, he was punted into a spin from behind in turn 3 of the opening lap and had to retire.

#3 - Ollie Bearman
"Tough Race 2 today. I made a good start and first lap, as I got up to P2. I came to the pits in P3 for the pit stop, but unfortunately, after that the pace was quite bad, and I was struggling to keep up with the cars in front and in high-speed corners. I was just missing the components to push the car to the limit, and it's quite sad because it could have been a good race today. We'll keep working and hopefully, we can be closer to where we want to be in Budapest."

#4 - Kimi Antonelli
"A pretty short race, it lasted less than three corners. The start was positive, as I gaind places straight away, and it was looking good. Unfortunately, I got hit and that was over for me as the engine turned off. It's a shame after such a great Saturday, I was feeling pretty well going into today's race. It's a shame that we couldn't even complete a lap. Overall it was a positive weekend because I got my first win and I still have things to work on to come back stronger in Budapest."